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Christmas on a budget #thrifty #Christmas

It’s that time of year again when we try to keep Christmas within some kind of budget so we can afford our bills after Christmas. We buy presents that only last 5 minutes like horrible Christmas jumpers. We also buy food that gets thrown away. I’ll be looking for good value in the run up to Christmas and because I have been thrifty and frugal all year I can afford a few luxuries at Christmas!

Thrifty Christmas

Sausage rolls

I can’t eat sausage rolls and let’s face it most of them are horrible. I bought a pack of special sausages that will be cooked in the oven and cut into bite sized pieces and of course, they are gluten-free. Try to remember that many people are on diets of some kind or another so cater for them when thinking about the festive feast this year.

Christmas booze

My family and friends aren’t too fussy when it comes to booze. I get what I know will be popular. Usually white wines and for the beer drinkers, lager is popular. The more traditional beers are popular with my guests or cider.  If you have been thrifty all year you might decide to splash out on a bottle of champagne to celebrate in style or a bottle of vintage port. These are always cheaper at the discounters Aldi and Lidl. I find Aldi great for wines and the black label scotch is really good. For beer, I go to a smaller discounter like Bargain Booze.


I have the Matalan app and a black card and if I can get the app to work right that will give me 20% off until next Monday. I hate Christmas jumpers but could do with another warm jumper. They will probably have a sale after Christmas, though…

Shop early

Christmas Day is on a Sunday this year and so shop early because last year many shoppers left things until Christmas Eve to do their shopping. Supermarkets will be usually crowded on Saturday but smaller shops are usually quiet. Watch out for bargains as shops close on Christmas Eve and many shops will pile high special offers on the first day of opening after the public holidays. Go later on Christmas Eve and get there early on Wednesday morning. A few shops might even open on Tuesday to get rid of perishables.


If you’re being stingy on presents, try doing something personalised. Maybe frame someone’s photo for them? Or make them a little goody bag full of useful oddments? Notebooks and pens for a student perhaps? A gift voucher will allow the recipient to choose their own gift, but be careful, if the issuer goes out of business, the money is lost. Buy a voucher for a supermarket you know they regularly use.

Small is beautiful

Small packs of luxury products can be a good gift. A single bottle of a really good beer or a miniature of a renowned single malt. You can also get small boxes of luxury chocolate that might go down well. Think about what the recipient might like. Even a sample size bottle of Chanel No 5 might be a welcome gift for someone who couldn’t possibly afford the full-size bottle. I often get bought a packet or two of jelly babies at Christmas!

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