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Christmas Eve thoughts #ramble

Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve and people are bustling about buying enough food to last through winter! Our thoughts often go back to happier days when we were excited by the magic of Christmas. Christmas really is for children and we should make more of an effort to make it exciting for them. There are lessons to be learnt at Christmas too. Such as living within your means and not landing yourself with a huge credit card bill after Christmas.

Santa on Christmas Eve

Credit Card

I admit it, I did use my credit card yesterday for a rather large purchase. The bill for the web space for this site was due in January. Well, they don’t sell much around Christmas so I wondered if I could get a discount again. I got 30% off last time! I didn’t do so well this time, only 20% off but I’m all set up for another 5 years of blogging! My credit card bill date has passed this month so that will go on my bill for January and I can pay it in February!

Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights in the town are crap again this year and don’t come on until it gets dark. That is a bit late for the children. When I was a kid we had amazing lights on most of the shops, no shops shuttered up at dusk and a bustling market that went on after dark. There was Santa’s grotto too. It’s more grotty than grotto these days.

I’m depressing myself, let us look on the bright side with some pictures. I’ll be posting all over Christmas with lots of pictures so if you would like to subscribe to this amazing blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. There are also links on my Facebook page.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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