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Christmas is not a competition #thrifty

Many people treat Christmas as if it is some sort of competition. Christmas is not a competition. You have nothing to prove, you just need to enter into the spirit of Christmas and spread the goodwill. You don’t need to buy gifts that are more expensive than the ones your friends are buying. You don’t need to throw a bigger party than all your pals. Take a donation to your food bank and if there is a Christmas Fayre at the church go and support it.

Christmas is not a competition

Sweet shop

I checked the tyres on my car earlier this week and made sure I have enough petrol to last until the new year. I also had an injection I needed and did a few other jobs. I will try to visit a little sweet shop today and that will be all my preparations for Christmas done except for the cleaning which I obviously leave until last.


Have I been thrifty doing my shopping? Yes, all through the year and so I can be a little generous now buying gifts. I’ve still managed to save money, here and there. I got one gift from Amazon and saved nearly 2/3 on the usual price when it came up in one of their deals. On everything else, I got good value. When I went to buy beer for Christmas it was 10% off, which was unexpected! I bought all the food from Aldi which included French cheese and ham and a fresh turkey which was the smallest one because I live on my own. I’ve been looking at different methods for cooking it because this is the first time I’ve cooked a whole one. It should be delicious because I am quite a good cook. I’ve already worked out how to cook the sauce.


Music adds to the spirit of Christmas and there is usually something on television or radio that will provide some cheery Christmas music or traditional carols. You will find free music on YouTube and Spotify too but with annoying adverts.

Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree with lights always adds to the magic of Christmas and LED lights will use little electricity. I put my lights on a timer yesterday so they come on when it gets dark and go off at the end of the evening. The lights coming on and going off also gives the impression someone is at home even when there isn’t. I can always unplug the lights and plug-in a table lamp if I’m off out as well giving the impression someone is home. There are not only break-ins at this time of year but an increase in jealousy attacks as those less fortunate take their frustrations out on the more fortunate. In my neighbourhood that seems to be the reason for a spate of vandalism. Smashing a car windscreen is part of the latest outbreak of increased anti-social behaviour.

Christmas is not a competition

We all have to compete for money and for jobs but it is a good idea to leave your competitive spirit behind at Christmas and try to spread the goodwill around. Try not to show obvious signs of wealth that might make others feel deprived. Be of generous spirit and don’t show off. The wealth of Christmas is the goodwill and generosity. It isn’t a competition to see who can spend the most or have the biggest display of Christmas lights.

Have a happy Christmas and I’ll be writing about finding bargains in the January sales of 2018 next week. I’ll be looking for some nice Christmas cards for next year!

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