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Christmas in just three weeks #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and the sun’s shining and so I’ll let you into the most inner sanctum of my mind and share my thoughts with you once again. As usual, I’ve been taking photographs and actually spoke to some of the people I was photographing yesterday. I went to a book launch and bought myself a Christmas present, signed by the authors.

authors of a great book for Christmas


I photographed authors Bev Parker and Tony Highfield with Sandwell Mayor Julie Webb. Something always goes wrong at these events usually because of the fluorescent lighting. I was prepared this time, I had a FLD filter fitted and a diffuser filter to make the photos look more flattering. What could go wrong? There was another photographer and when it came to getting the photo. I suggested he would get a better photo with the natural light streaming in through the windows. I forgot I was set up for fluorescent light. My photos were very pink but at least the several hours of editing has taught me how to not only remove pink from photos on my computer, but I think I can now remove that horrible yellow that fluorescent light causes. I’ll have to do further tests using the FLD filter. The diffuser was a great success though…


Then I went on to Darlo to photograph a Christmas Fayre. The FLD filter worked great there. It is a shame I didn’t take the bloody thing off when I went outside to photograph Princess Libby Rose and Santa in his Grotto. Never mind, at least I won a couple of bottles of wine on the raffle.

Learning lessons

Things go wrong in life and we have bad times when we have no control over our lives. We simply have to learn lessons and carry on. I am much better at editing than I was, I can now balance colour a lot better. You have to take a lot of crap photos before you have learnt enough lessons to take absolutely brilliant ones. It’s the same with writing, I always admit I write crap because I know on a good day something germinates out of all that crap and I get something special. The thing is, we shouldn’t give up and should just keep on trying harder.


I have bought a couple of Christmas presents, but I have no idea what I’ll be doing over Christmas. I would be quite happy carrying on as normal pottering about taking photos. Maybe I’ll get invited to a Christmas event to take the photos? I quite enjoy a drive on Christmas day because the roads are so quiet. I wish they would switch on our Christmas lights on Christmas day, the town looked so depressing when I drove through on Christmas day last year.


In a video this week, I heard Professor Steven Hawking speaking of people’s distrust in the elite that we normally rely on to be our professionals and experts.  He was, of course, speaking of an academic elite that has trained properly to become experts. He wasn’t talking about the tory elite who get where they are because mommy and daddy were rich and sent then to the best schools. Then on to universities where they paid someone else to write their papers and dissertations so they could go into politics where you don’t actually need any qualifications. It is this social elite that we used to call the upper class that we should distrust, not the physicists, doctors and engineers. The problem is, many members of this social elite have now infiltrated our banking and economic system.

I can think about lunch now I’ve written enough words. Christmas is only three weeks away so I had better think about finishing buying presents. I might even put the Christmas tree up.

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