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Christmas news and views #Wednesbury

There are the usual Christmas parties starting this month. There will be some for older people like me at the Town Hall and the Centre of Oneness. Various groups will have a Christmas get-together too.



Santa will be touring the streets courtesy of the Rotary Club and collecting for some worthy cause and the town centre will be lit with the usual Christmas lights and the festivities will begin.

Axletree Way

Improvements are continuing at Axletree Way which will create more jobs and as some people will observe, more traffic. I did visit Curry’s and they now have another level to the store selling more goods and using the land more efficiently. Access is a problem, though. I will avoid the area when they all have their sales on bank holidays. Ikea can cause chaos alone.


The new Lidl distribution centre will open nearby, creating, even more jobs, for the suburbanite coming in on the M6. This extra traffic is sure to lead to more accidents near to junction 9. I’m sure the Police Commissioner will have an answer to this problem. The answer will, of course, be speed cameras measuring the average speed of cars approaching junction 9.

Car Craft

The Car Craft site has new buyers and will be opening up again creating another 200 jobs. At least that site has plenty of parking. I heard the new owners arriving in a helicopter last week. I wasn’t quite quick enough to get a picture, but I’ll watch out in the coming weeks.

Book launch

I did go to the book launch on Saturday to buy the ‘Very Best of Ryder’s Annual’ by Bev Parker and Tony Highfield. I have read lots of online books about the history of the Black Country by Bev Parker so it was a pleasure to meet her.

Patent Drive

I went a little drive down Patent Drive which now has red lines at the side of road extending into Western Way. All the white Amazon vans have gone! They are now around the corner in Hallens Drive. A van and lorry park is needed in that area with a transport cafe selling the usual greasy fare.

Bull Lane


The new units in Bull Lane look like they are nearly finished and they are very big. I like them, they look good and there is still enough land left for a bit of landscaping and car parking. Bull Lane will be busy in the morning when they open up and the already busy Black Country New road will be even busier. Such is the price of progress, I suppose.

There will be more news and views about Wednesbury, next Wednesday. In the meantime, try to spend a bit of money in Wednesbury town and help local traders survive. Watch out for Christmas Events in the community. The Christmas lights switch-on was a great success despite the traffic chaos. We need some summer events in the town centre to give Ikea a bit of competition…

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