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Christmas portraits #photography #Wednesburyonline

At Christmas, we take a lot of pictures of people and maybe our Christmas gifts. All these photographs are of subjects quite close to the camera and so can be taken on the portrait setting. Some cameras also have a macro setting signified by a flower icon which can be used too. Christmas portraits need a wide aperture and so if you’re using a DSLR on aperture priority, set the aperture wide-open and use centre-weighted metering.

Christmas portraits

Use lots of light

This photo was taken on Black Country Day out in the sunshine and so it is a sharp image because I had lots of light. The shutter speed was very fast, freezing any movement or camera shake. For that, all important Christmas portrait, consider using a flash. Think about the metering, someone with a pale face and dark clothing will probably confuse the metering and their face could look over-exposed so take a test shot and adjust the exposure compensation if necessary.

Using your smartphone

If you’re using a smartphone, again you need as much light as possible and perhaps use the flash. If you need to tap the screen to take the photo, tap it very gently of you’ll shake the camera. Smartphones take pictures with a wide aperture so you should get great pictures as long as there is enough light. The shutter speed slows to let in more light if there is insufficient light and that can make your picture blurry.

Natural photos

You might decide to photograph your children opening their presents. Switch on all the lights and use any light coming in through the windows and try a higher ISO perhaps at 400 or even 800 for a natural picture without using a flash. Try to get more light on one side of your subject so there is a shadow on the opposite side to give form to your subject. You might need to ask your children to ‘freeze’ in a particular pose to prevent blur but it will be a more natural shot.

Christmas portraits

For those Christmas portraits, you need wide apertures, as much light as possible and higher ISO settings. Think about landscapes if it snows!

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#Christmas #photography #Wednesburyonline #Christmasportraits

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