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Christmas with covid #ramble

I live alone and so I spend a lot of time by myself. It allows me to write, edit photographs and play Grand Theft Auto without interruptions! It can be lonely, especially at Christmas. Christmas with covid will be even worse and many others will be lonely too. I’ll try to think of ways to keep in contact with people and the telephone and texts are the obvious way to do that. Today, I have a meeting that will be conducted using Zoom. That is a new aspect of technology I will have to get used to.

Ted and eddy

Christmas with covid

My photo above is an attempt to get in the mood for Christmas. We have a Christmas edition of our music and poetry evening coming up and I’ve written a couple of verses and combined them with images. I’ll post this picture in our group too because this year our Christmas special will use technology and all be online. Will these new online ways of doing things serve us well when we get back to normal? We need to learn ways to communicate better and spend less time travelling. Perhaps people will be able to have business meetings easier in the future without travelling? You can share files and pictures so there are advantages. I have talked to my friends in China almost exclusively online for years. We do use Facebook messenger, Skype and chat a lot using text. I like text, it allows me to multitask and gives me clarity.  You can send a message and receive a reply when it’s convenient for both parties too.


I’ll check my camera before the Zoom meeting and see what the background looks like. It should show a wall and a central heating controller but in my house there might be the odd cobweb too! As a photographer, I have become aware of backgrounds more! I have checked the camera and microphone both work! Apparently, Zoom is better on a laptop than using a phone but I have my phone as a backup if things go awry.


I like the technology of the 21st  century. I just wish I was young again so I could enjoy it all more. At least I can afford it more these days. I think being able to communicate using Zoom, messenger, texts and cell phones is great. All these things didn’t exist when I was young. Even a landline phone was expensive.  I think the PS4 video games are awesome too. Things do go wrong with technology. I’m currently having problems with Outlook connecting to the TalkTalk email server but problems with TalkTalk are nothing new.


Technology has allowed me to become a writer and of course, digital cameras have allowed me to become a community photographer. I think my Nikon D750 is absolutely awesome! Digital cameras have allowed me to acquire skills as a photographer and I can write using a laptop and simply do an upload when my post is finished. It beats pounding a typewriter!

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