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Cityscape pictures #photography

I don’t go into the city any more but a cityscape can be fascinating. I shot a few pictures in West Bromwich on Sunday which has a city atmosphere. Most towns and cities have their traditional architecture and the modern and ultra-modern architecture too.

WEST BROM - a cityscape atmosphere

Farley clock tower

The Farley clock tower dominates this picture but so it wouldn’t dominate it too much I have tried to get the clock tower roughly 1/3 across the frame. This is a standard rule for artists who don’t want their subject to dominate the image. I think the image works quite well and the only thing I had a problem with was getting the image level. I think it looks good now.


Modern Cityscape

In this shot, I have the ultra-modern YMCA building on the right and a lot of leading lines going away from us. The sun was very bright and there was more than enough light. I took the shot at f/8 but I could have gone much narrower.

WEST BROM YMCA ultra-modern cityscape


This shot of the whole building was also at f/8 on aperture priority and that gave me 1/125 of a second which was about right. At 18mm and no likelihood of movement, I could have shot it much slower. Getting settings just right is about gaining experience and thinking about how to improve all the time.

A cityscape is a landscape but you have to watch out for shadows more and you need lots of light which I had on Sunday. Ultra-modern buildings look great but so do the older buildings in the older part of the city or town.

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