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Climate change forcing economic change?

Climate - Economic Change

Capitalism seemed to be dominant and was being adopted at least partially by communist countries, until capitalism itself began to crack under the strain. It seems the western capitalist model is unsustainable. The communist model is similarly unsustainable, but what will force a change in culture?


We need sustainability. We have lived in a throw away society for many years and society itself is seen as disposable and many of the citizens in it. We have to strive for technological progress, but do we need a new computer and smart phone every year? Can we strive to design a better smart phone on the principles of sustainability and have a new model every 10 years and make them to last? That would save us money and give us a better standard of living. The manufacturers would argue that they would be more expensive. They would be  more expensive in the short term, but in the long term wouldn’t it work out cheaper? Manufacturers would use less resources to make them and less energy.

Climate change

There are many people that deny climate change despite the overwhelming scientific evidence. We do tend to believe what we want to believe and if sustainability and policies that address the climate change issues are likely to damage your wealth, then you might deny it’s existence. Science does research and has checks and balances. Scientists check their evidence and publish papers and then there is peer review. To say scientists around the world are wrong is taking a chance on the future of the planet we live on. We can’t afford to ignore the warnings. We use science and technology all the time. If you want to go back to nature and ignore science and technology, then get rid of your TV, electricity, smart phone and internet; but sensible people will go with the scientific reasoning.

Political will

We need a political will to change the culture of business. We can insulate homes and use less energy, we can produce more ‘green energy’ and be more environmentally responsible. We do need international agreements on reducing the amount of energy used by industry and that means making things to last longer. Governments could introduce controls on quality and disposability. A 12 month warranty on a new consumer item like a computer makes them almost disposable. We need 5 year (or longer) warranties on all consumer goods.


We are all so adventurous and like to travel, but travel uses energy. It might use a clean energy, but it’s still energy. The centralisation of government, including the European Union and local government has increased travel. Commuting miles to work has become the norm. In the UK, parents are advised to choose a school for their children and compete for the ‘best’ school. We need to make sure all schools come up to standard and encourage parents to walk to school with young children and have a safe environment where older children can walk to school in groups or alone. We need to advertise jobs locally and  encourage people to walk to local amenities.

Forcing change

We need to listen to what the environment is telling us. It is forcing change on us and that change will be drastic change if we leave it too late. We need to act now and change the economic system to one that cares for people and the environment rather than a system that is based on competing for power and money.

What do you think? Is it time to change the system? Would you welcome working closer to home? Would you welcome long warranties on consumer goods? Have your say in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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