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Close up with a wide aperture #photography

close up

I’m not sure if the lady on this narrowboat would be pleased with this photograph of not. I think people would be able to recognise her from the photo and that’s what is needed when photographing events.

Close up

The ideal lens for most events would be a lens that gives a wide aperture but is also a zoom lens that will go to 300mm of better. Quality lenses that do that cost a lot of money, so most photographers make do with what they have. My 18 to 105mm lens  goes to a maximum aperture of 3.5 and is useful at events. I would prefer a wider maximum aperture and more zoom, but I make do with what I have. I also have a 55 to 300mm lens. I find the original 18 to 55 mm lens to be fairly useless and poor quality. The 18 to 105 lens will give me a better chance of a close up.

I can get a message across using my skills as a writer, but a photograph is instant and effective. Using both mediums together gives me a powerful medium to send my messages to my community and even to the world.

I intend to go to West Bromwich Manor House tomorrow to photograph an event and will be trying to zoom in with a wide aperture for most of the shots. The photos might appear in the local newspaper and people will check the photos out to see if they can recognise themselves in the close up shots.

There will be a few more events this year. I’m looking forward to the Tipton canal and boat festival and again I’ll be trying to do those close up wide aperture shots. This week I’ll be going to Tipton to hand in my entries for the photography competition. I hope I’ll meet a few people at this year’s event. I know a few names of people in the community there but have yet to meet them. With any luck, the summer isn’t over yet and so I might try to photograph another cricket match before the season is over too. I’ll try to get close up shots of the players there.

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