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Come visit the Black Country!

It’s Sunday morning and so time for another Sunday ramble from deep in the Black Country. The Black Country doesn’t really have a good reputation. The dark picture above is what people expect to see when they imagine the Black Country. They imagine industry  and workers, but it has changed.

The Black Country is much greener and pleasant now, but when it lost its industry it lost its purpose and its wealth. We need tourists but to get tourists we need to make it aesthetically appealing.

We have a heritage that we can build on. We still have a few beautiful Victorian buildings and Victorian parks. We have the canals and although they are drab and industrial in places they have a huge amount of potential.

This is Brunswick Park, where brass bands played on the bandstand when I was a child. There was a pavilion (long gone) and a bowling green. It’s still a nice park, but we have to keep an eye on it because so much of our heritage has been destroyed.

This is only part of our heritage, there is Black Country food that people might enjoy and we now have a Black Country Festival, thanks to Black Country Gaz and his friends. We even have a Black Country Living Museum, that is a tourist attraction. If some politicians get their way the Black Country will become the poor relation of Greater Birmingham. Wednesbury is already the poor relation of Sandwell Metropolitan council. Poor Darlaston, the poor relation of Walsall,  looks like it all needs to be demolished after years of neglect.

I’ll end with some photos of the Black Country. What do you think? Is it worth turning it into a tourist attraction?

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