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I’m starting a new theme on my blog today. Common-sense ideas! I thought I would start with politics, because as we all know politicians have little common-sense and we have shed loads in the Black Country.

I read some of Tony Blair’s ideas for the Labour Party this morning. The only good idea that he has is that we can progress using technology. Look at the health service for example. It has progressed not because of more doctors or nurses, although they do a great job. The health service has progressed because of new clean hospitals, diagnostic tools like scanners, advanced record keeping using computers. What is wrong with the health service? Too much politically correct bull shit. They have their own language, they have ‘issues’ and  ‘challenges’ and God awful acronyms. It would help if they spoke English.


I think we need courses for people to go on so they can  learn how to be nice to people. Many doctors and nurses in hospitals are too brusque with patients. They need to learn some humility and they can be taught by people with values. The problems at Stafford hospital was that the people in charge didn’t have core values. People will get a job much easier with a certificate in personal service, based upon core values. Everyone from doctors to shop assistants could do a course in personal service and learn a bit of respect for other people. Of course, we could make the course mandatory for politicians.

Industry and technology

Here in the Black Country we know the importance of industry and technology. It isn’t just producing new products that is important, it’s their development and use that’s important. Wealth isn’t just produced by companies making computers; far more wealth is created by companies that use those computers. Volvo made cars, but it was ABBA that found a new way of using technology to give music to the world that boosted Sweden’s exports and wealth.

I saw Iain Duncan Smith, the man with nasty ideas and no common-sense on TV sneering (as he does) at a young man who studies media. Media studies is a soft option isn’t it or so Duncan- Smith thinks in his brainwashed state that comes from reading the Times every day. Hollywood makes movies, they use technology to create wealth in the form of entertainment. They make efficient use of technology too. When was the last time Hollywood was accused of making climate change worse?

Finally we have to be open minded and not have a politically closed mind. Right wing – left wing? Who needs that? Just give me a machine that will churns out a million widgets a day that cost a penny; that I can sell for a quid each. Technology and common-sense are the answers to most of our problems.

What do you think? Please use the comments box to add your common-sense ideas. You can also follow this blog using the widget in the sidebar or follow me on Twitter.

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