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Communication and other worries

It’s Sunday morning and so time for another ramble when I allow you into the deepest recesses of my mind and tell you what I’ve been thinking about this week. As usually, I’m concerned with the weather because I have washing on the line. I’ve also been concerned with my health and with communication.


Communication has changed in the past 60 years with electronic communication developing at a rapid pace. I spend much of my time now communicating using my laptop computer and communicating via social media, email and Skype. In the doctor’s waiting room on Friday, I checked messages on an instant messaging program and found I had a message from Hong Kong and was able to reply. Even my television is a sophisticated communications device. So I have been wondering this week how I can communicate more effectively when I talk to people in person. I was very effective this week talking to my doctor, but it wasn’t easy. I listened calmly to his suggestions about treatment and then calmly explained we had tried those and they didn’t work in the past. I think the key to better communication for me is to be more patient and clear about what I want. I have a photo-shoot this week, I hope I can organise it much better and get some good shots. I’ll be raising money for charity too.

The pains of retirement

I have more time now I’m retired and can do things I enjoy and become more involved in the community. I also get a lot of aches and pains and had to walk with a stick this week to take the weight off a painful hip. My medication is doing the job and the pain had virtually disappeared but I’ll have to be more careful with it this week. Doing a photo shoot can involve a lot of standing around and walking. I wanted to use a high-quality prime lens last week, which doesn’t zoom and so more walking around. I soon swapped it for a telephoto zoom lens. I think this week I’ll take the prime lens but only use it if I have some time left and my hip is still in full working order!

Thinking too much?

Someone said I think too much this week. I get a little frustrated by people who don’t think enough, they don’t think things through. I went to an event a couple of years ago and people had parked everywhere on double yellow lines. Last year, the road had some police no parking cones as well as the double yellow lines. That excluded disabled people with blue badges who are allowed on double yellow lines. There was a police presence so they could have advised drivers.  I do have a blue badge and I don’t want to walk too much because of my hip, so had to plan where I could park this year. I’ve consulted the maps and have an idea of a parking space that might be left free! My thinking might just get me a prime space in a good spot. I won’t be using a prime lens, though, more like a long telephoto.

It hasn’t rained on my washing yet and so the day is going quite well so far. The weather forecast says sunny this afternoon and so as usual on a Sunday I’ll go out and take some photos. I might check to see if there is a cricket match on. Even though I’m now doing mostly events I still like to do landscape photography and I like to photograph buildings too. The roads will be quieter in the Black Country and so I’ll be taking advantage of that.

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