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Community and culture #ramble #Wednesbury

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? Community and culture in the town where I live. I went to a meeting of the friends of the local park. Things didn’t go well last year and so to say I was apprehensive would be an understatement. I really didn’t want to venture out on a cold February evening but I seem to be involved again. I have made appeals for new volunteers using the Facebook pages that I am an admin of.

community and culture

Community and culture

We are planning a nostalgia afternoon in the park in June which could be nice. I hope we can get some musicians in the bandstand and maybe some traditional games. I thought of a coconut shy this morning. We might have to replace the coconuts with cans of baked beans or something. We definitely need more ideas and more volunteers to get involved. The park, incidentally, is Brunswick Park in Wednesbury which is in the heart of the Black Country.  The park is listed and that is recognition of its importance in the community. Many years ago, more people used the park; it brought people together and it can do so again.

Writer’s group

Yesterday, I went to Darlaston Writers’ group. It was only our second meeting but some community-minded people turned up and we had an interesting discussion about writing and poetry and it was all very friendly and relaxed. I think encouraging writing and creativity is very important. Whether it is words or pictures that you use to express yourself, it gives you a way to get your thoughts over to others. I prefer the written word and pictures but others who are more articulate than me might want to perform and read the poems out to the group. One member of the group knew what he wanted to say but wasn’t sure how to express it in writing. Perhaps the other members can give him tips and explain about writing style and things that can help. We might critique his work before he takes the plunge and shares his thoughts with the world.

Poetry and Music

In Wednesbury library next week there will be an evening of spoken word, poetry and stories, as well as music from solo musicians and the legendary Scarbelly Blues Band. That is an evening of entertainment but something more important happens because it is a creative experience. The musicians try out new songs and ideas with a receptive audience and I try out photographic ideas with willing subjects. I have tried using a flash, using high ISO settings under fluorescent light and different lenses, as well as different ways of composing my shots. I suppose these groups allow for creative experiments and so enrich the creative process.

That’s it, I’ve written another 500 words ramble on community and culture. People compliment me on my photographs but never on my writing. I wonder why? Perhaps, they think it’s easier than taking a photo!

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