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SUNDAY 13 MAR 2016 (8)

Over the past few years I have slowly become a community blogger and photographer and since starting a Facebook page for A Zillion Ideas, I have been taking it more seriously. I’m now sharing art and music via Facebook as well as words and photographs. I am now asked to write for the community and organisations ask to use my photographs.

I have had to upgrade my kit so I can take better photos and that has worked out quite expensive. I took today’s photo with a 35 mm prime lens that I recently added to my ever-expanding kit.


The kit

I had to buy a bigger camera bag, but then realised it was bigger and heavier than I had imagined so I shall be keeping my old bag for everyday use. I took this photo with my old Fujifilm S5600 which isn’t bad even though I can see the picture is slightly blurred and the colour isn’t quite right. In the new case is the camera with an 18- 105 mm lens which I can use for most things. There is also a new 35mm prime lens that I used to take today’s lead picture. The long lens is a 55 – 300 mm lens which is useful for wildlife. The professional Speedlight is in the case and I have a small Nikon one too.The Speedlight is controlled through the lens (TTL)  by the camera to give more light especially indoors at events.

14 march 2016 (9)

Industrial landscapes

The Black Country used to be a hive of industry and although much of that has gone, there are still some industrial buildings left. This one is Station Street in Darlaston.  These buildings will soon disappear and so as a community photographer, I hope to capture these images for future generations.

14 march 2016 (45)

Picturesque landscapes

The industrial landscapes have made way for more picturesque landscapes in places. This is Hydes Pool in Wednesbury, just before sunset yesterday. The first and last hours of the day are often referred to as the ‘golden’ hours for photography. The light is much warmer just before sunset.


I photographed some community events last year but this year I will try to photograph even more. I have a Facebook page now where I can publicise them and so I will be photographing sport at the invitation of the local rugby and cricket teams. There will also be charity events and entertainment at the town hall. On Sunday, I’ll be going to an open day of a local photographic society that I’ve been invited to. Getting photographers to cover events is either difficult or expensive, so I hope I can offer a valuable service especially to local charities.

My blogging and photography will become even more local but there will still be things of interest to my readers overseas. If you would like to follow this blog, just enter your email address in the space at the top of the sidebar or you can follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find more ideas on my Facebook page.

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