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I’m not too sure what our purpose is in life, but it probably to just survive and live it the best we can. I’ve changed my life in the past few years and have been doing what I really enjoy doing and that’s writing. I also took up photography and  think I’m beginning to get quite good at it.


We can do things that we enjoy and because we are social animals, we can use our skills to integrate into the community we live in. I’ve been helping students with their writing for a few years and I’ve learnt a lot from that. This last weekend, I went to photograph a charity event and that added to my experience of photographing events.


Performers came together on Saturday night and donated their time and talents to help raise money to repair the stained glass window in the local church. The audience who contribute by buying tickets enjoyed the show, but so do the performers. I was there to record the community event for ‘history’.


St Bartholomew’s church in Wednesbury is steeped in history and the Woden window that needs repairing is unique. The event not only raised a little money to repair the window, but such events help to reinforce social cohesion and break down barriers in the community.


I think this was one of my best shots of the evening, because the bass player was separate from the rest of the group, I had to put more thought into the shot. It worked out well, there is even room to autograph it!

Bally, Tim and Brendan

Then evening was organised by Tim, the local vicar, pictured here on the left. He also organised a postcard design competition which was won by Bally Barquer (centre) and the event was compered by Brendan Hawthorne our local poet laureate.

That’s it for today, I’ll be using some of the pictures from Saturday in the photography post on Wednesday. If you would like to subscribe to this website, you can do so using the widget at the top of the sidebar or you can follow me on twitter for updates. You can comment as always too.

Getting involved in the local community can be fun. Why not try it?

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