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competition shot

When you’re taking photos for a competition, you want a nice scene for a landscape, but you usually want your subject in sharp focus. You get sharp focus with a wide aperture. For this shot I needed a fast shutter speed too.


This is one of the shots I’m entering in a competition next month. I had to have the image printed and then mount it on board. The mounting on board turned out to be the most difficult part. It would be easier to buy craft board from an art shop and then use an adhesive that allowed me to slide my print into position. The board I used was self adhesive and I needed to get the print right first time, which was just about impossible.

This shot is technically good, but I wouldn’t use it for competition. It’s just not interesting enough.

I like this shot, it’s quite sharp and detailed, but next time I’ll zoom in closer. You have to think about the subject, but a good background also helps make the shot competitive too.

In a landscape shot, you need depth and perspective. The tram lines do that in this shot, but a steam train would have been better. I like the contrast in this shot between nature and technology.  For a competition, think about your subject, the background, the perspective and the overall image. Try to make the landscape your backdrop and the same applies to sunsets. A tractor as your subject with the English countryside as the backdrop works. A electricity pylon as your subject in sharp focus with a sunset as the backdrop works too.

I’ll end with some more photos from the last couple of years. If you were the judge in a photography competition, which would you choose as the winner? Please use the comments box to tell me your choice. You can follow this blog by entering your email address in the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates.

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