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I have taken this shot many times, but I wanted a shot for a competition and so waited for just the right light and went to take this shot about an hour before sunset. I was lucky that guy was there fishing!

People make shots interesting too and this is an unusual shot and it has lots of colour and so a contender for a competition shot.

I took this shot with a 300 mm lens and it’s a good candid shot and suitable for competition. Competitions do specify a subject though, so you have to find shots to match the competition.

Competitions usually specify where the shot should be taken too. This one was taken in Tipton and so the right place for the latest competition I want to enter. But the competition wants photos of people enjoying themselves. Is this guy enjoying himself? Maybe!

I was in the final of a competition a few years ago and this was the shot that made it. A print of this now hangs in my local hospital for people to ponder while they wait for their blood test!

The light wasn’t good that day, but it brightened up and the sun began to shine through the trees. It was late afternoon and so the light was less harsh. Just thinking about the time of day and the light can give you a great shot.

The light was bad for this shot, but I like it. I don’t think it’s good enough for a competition, but the composition is good. I would like to take the same shot with a warm light, maybe an hour before sunset.

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