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Composing your winter picture #photography


I have to admit that I don’t spend enough time composing my pictures, but I do look for diagonal lines and anything that will give the image perspective. Photographing landscapes in winter is difficult with the poorer light but we can still get images with a cold winter look.


I don’t usually go out in the morning to take landscapes but if you want snow in the picture, you have to be out early. The cold light actually adds something to the picture. The trees silhouette against the white sky.

SNOW 17 JAN 2016  (24)

This shot in interesting because we have the trees silhouetted against the sky and the houses are at a lower level. I was actually on medieval earthworks that were once part of a fortress at Wednesbury.  The fortress or buhr was built by a genuine warrior princess, Ethelfleda, daughter of Alfred the Great.

SNOW 17 JAN 2016  (29)

I was looking for depth and perspective in this picture. The size of the geese in the foreground contrasts well with the geese in the middle ground. The background didn’t really matter and isn’t very sharp but an impression. I shot this at F8 which gave me the depth of field to get the geese in sharp focus.

In winter, you have to consider higher ISO settings and wider apertures because there is less light. You can also compensate for the lack of light with exposure compensation.  Photography can be a way of capturing moments in your life with a quick snap or it can be a skill that produces images and is, therefore, art. Artists experiment with style and so can photographers. There are no ‘rules’.

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