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Composition and perspective challenge #photography

Last week, I challenged you to take a few photos with a narrow aperture. This week, I want you to think about composition and perspective. When you take a landscape photo, you need to give it some perspective so the viewer sees depth. Lowry did paintings of simple figures what were once described as matchstick men. His genius was getting the proportions right and creating depth in his paintings.

good composition gives a picture depth


I took this shot from St Margaret’s churchyard in Walsall and as the path goes away from us it gives us perspective. The tree is large in the foreground and the eye compares that with the background. Notice that the building has the patterns of the brickwork and that shows that the narrow aperture has brought the background into focus. This was taken last summer and so there was more light than I have been getting recently.



My composition for this picture is a little unusual because my subject is in the background. Again, you can see the pattern made by the stone on the church. Shooting through the trees also makes for an unusual shot and perhaps makes the viewer curious and to want to see more.

When you’re composing your shot think about what your subject is. Don’t just photograph an empty field, at least make a tree or a building your subject. Then consider your background. If you put your subject in the centre of the picture it will tend to dominate so consider putting it 1/3 of the way across so the rest of the image is viewed too. Shoot your landscapes with a narrow aperture to give you a deep depth of field and use a higher ISO if the light is poor. f/16 at 1/100 of a second is a good guide to go by. If you can’t get 1/100 of a second on aperture priority then increase your ISO and consider going a little wider perhaps to f/11. Good composition combined with the correct settings will give you great landscapes.

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