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Narrowboat on canal composition


The Bank holiday weekend was a bit of a washout but I drove through the heavy rain to the narrowboat gathering at Tipton on Sunday. As you can see from this picture it was deserted! I was able to think about the composition of my pictures and contrast the bright colours again the grey.

The Fountain

You can see the tow path going away from us in this picture and the pattern formed by the block paving. There are diagonal lines in this image and that does make it more interesting with the brightly coloured narrowboat  in the foreground. In the background, the Fountain pub contrasts again the greyness too. It is important to think about what your subjects are. I have framed the boat and pub a little off centre and that works but I would have preferred them in the centre.

EASTER SUNDAY composition

Often you try to get your subject in the centre of the frame and space around it or you can just fill the frame with colour and different textures.

EASTER SUNDAY on Tipton canal

I found this narrowboat entering the factory locks with help from  its crew of young children. This is a nice scene with the narrowboat more or less centred and the children on the bridge adding interest.

EASTER SUNDAY composition

This photo looks natural and the colour against the greyness makes it far more interesting. I think they were having a good time despite the cold and damp. After taking a lot of shots here I moved to the other side of the locks and waited for them. Then I took the opportunity to get really good images.

EASTER SUNDAY narrowboat on Tipton canal

This picture looks like it belongs in a gallery and many people have said these images are suitable for an exhibition or a calendar.

EASTER SUNDAY narrowboat on Tipton canal

You don’t need an expensive camera to take a shot like this but you do need to be able to recognise the shot and realise the scene won’t last long. I like the depth in this shot. Whatever camera you have or smartphone, think about the composition of your shots for better pictures. For a better view click the picture to make it larger.

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