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Conflict and community #ramble

The mind is unique. It is a network of neural connections that form the most advanced computer known. It stores a lifetime of memories, literally. Even the most uneducated mind is a wonder and so we should value everyone and realise everyone can make a contribution to society however small that contribution. I am going to allow you into the labyrinth that is my mind and share my thoughts with you this morning. Today, I have conflict and community on my mind.

conflict belongs in a different age


This conflict really belongs in a different age. We should now be adults. The world over, national leaders still behave like children trying to compete and show who is the strongest. Making empty threats and showing off. Who cares who has the biggest bomb? America and North Korea don’t try to understand each other’s cultures, they are obsessed with winning. They should step back and try to understand what the other guy is trying to do.


I’ve been thinking a lot about community recently. I live in a very diverse community and to some extent, it lacks cohesion. I’m not sure how that can be improved but I try to do my small part. Even in a community, you get conflict. Some people want change and some people don’t want change and so you get conflict. Some people favour socialism and some favour capitalism and so you get conflict. Why can’t people think pragmatically? Stay calm, try to understand others and go with what appears to be the best option at the time. If it turns out not to be the best option then forget the recriminations and move on.

A day out

With all this junk in my mind. I need a day out and what better place than Tipton in the Black Country and so I’m going to their canal festival later. I wasn’t well last year and so couldn’t walk around but I hope to do better this year. I have a few aches and pains from doing some work on my bathroom but that is nearly finished now. I’ll have a day off from DIY and do some photography. The weather looks promising. I would like a white sky with a little sunshine and so far it is a white sky. So I just need the sun to come out a little this afternoon.

Wide open

I want to shoot with a wide aperture using a 300mm lens today. I wish I had an 18 – 300 mm lens but I’ll have to make do with a 55 – 300mm. I want to zoom in on the people who own the boats who are characters and usually look the part. I won’t be able to zoom out as much as I would like to so I might take another lens. I need to strip my camera bag of all but the essentials to make it lighter. I like shooting wide open and I read about one photographer who does nothing else. You always get fast shutter speeds and rarely have to increase the ISO to compensate for the lack of light. I have exposure compensation in my mind today because some shots will need me to slow that fast shutter speed as I have little choice than shoot towards the sun. People think I just point the camera and press a button. No, I plan shots and I think about freezing movement and eliminating blur and getting sharp pictures.

So, a lot of complicated stuff whizzing around in the labyrinth this morning. I think my head needs a breath of fresh air and an afternoon walking around a Black Country canal is just the thing.

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