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Consequences and #life


I stopped to take this photo yesterday as I was driving past. The gentleman whose house overlooks this field was soon over to complain it was a disgrace because the council hadn’t cut the grass. He also wanted the speed humps in the road made higher.


Everything has consequences, it seems government cuts mean the grass isn’t being cut so often. The one side of this field seems to belong to one council (Walsall) who have cut their half, but the other half belongs to Sandwell who haven’t cut their side. Sandwell are spending a small fortune on CCTV to monitor the bus lane on the Walsall to West Bromwich road. As I drove back, confused motorists were driving in the bus lane. That’s going to be a cash cow when the cameras start catching them and sending out fines.  Maybe then they will be able to afford to cut the grass…

The situation in Greece has consequences too. The stock markets are seeing prices fall dramatically as investors get more and more nervous. I think industry, commerce and even governments need investment, but where should that investment come from? Just rich people, because they can afford it? That gives rich people all the power, the power to bankrupt a country even. Much of the investment comes from insurance companies and pension funds. Insurance of course is concerned with what might happen in the future. Assurance, I’m assured, is what certainly will happen, but we aren’t sure when; as in life assurance. Most ordinary people don’t really invest, except perhaps in the home they live in. Wouldn’t it be better if ordinary people owned the big corporations and collectively had a say in how they were run. That would of course mean making shareholding democratic. We have the technology to do that. We could even use technology to make the business of government democratic.

The human race often just goes around in circles chasing it’s own tail. We make fast cars, advertise how fast and furious they are and then make our roads narrower and put speed humps every few yards to slow them down. We give pubs free car parks, then make drink-driving illegal. Hospital car parks ironically are the most expensive. There are always consequences.

I think that uncut grass is probably adding to the pollen count, but if they cut it there will be grass particles in the air giving kids asthma attacks. The speed humps are making it look like a council estate and lowering property prices and cars doing 15 MPH give out more emissions than if they were cruising at 30. They don’t think of the consequences do they?

Life, will be ever understand how to avoid these consequences? Probably not, not until we are too old to care anyway!

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