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Contact Us.

You can contact us on this website by sending an email to Mike at . You replace at with @ of course. I welcome enquiries about anything but especially enquiries about guest posts. You can submit guest blog posts as a Word file attached to an email or a photo blog with photos attached to an email. You can include in guest posts links back to your blog or website to increase traffic. You can email me about anything, even to ask a question. I will write for other publications but read a few posts so you can see what I write about and my style. I can write about most things, though. My photography has become popular over the past few years and I now have a Nikon DX DSLR, that I use around where I live in Wednesbury in the Black Country. I also have some articles on photography published by my local newspaper.


I do reserve the right to refuse any submissions.

I will try to reply to emails as soon as possible.

Mike Maynard.

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