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Community photography

Contemporary art #photography #art

Contemporary art includes just about everything that can be created including photographs. Photography is a visual art and we can capture nice views as in landscape photography or we can capture people’s lives as they work or enjoy their leisure time.

contemporary art

Contemporary  Art

We can now create art that people can relate to. Looking at this image many people will relate to waiting at a red light but a truck driver would relate to this image in a more significant way. Art is no longer snobbish and confined to catering for the more educated middles classes. Art can now reach out to everyone and it can also engage the public and generate conversation.


Victorian times

In Victorian times people would stroll around art galleries and chat with each other about the paintings but then the conversation would move on to other things and introductions. The art galleries were places for ‘networking’ to use a modern term and we need those places today in the 21st century. Art galleries should still have that role. For conversations to even begin the viewers must be able to readily find something in the images they see that they can relate to. It might be a traffic jam, an office space, a canal or a perhaps a park where they spend their leisure time. It is less likely to be the middle of the Gobi desert, few people have been there. Local photographers can capture images that are familiar, that people can relate to.  Local photographers can go out into the community and into galleries and actually engage with their audience. This is what contemporary art is about in the 21st century.

We can, not only take the pictures but with lots of editing software around we can edit and create images on a computer screen and they can be displayed on websites, through social media or in a printed form and displayed in the traditional setting of an art gallery.

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