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Contributing to history #photography

I actually took some photos at the weekend! Our conservation zone in Wednesbury has been awarded nearly 2 million pounds for improvements so I wandered around the conservation zone taking some photos. I’m contributing to history by visually recording the changes. The History of Wednesbury (on Facebook) will contribute to an art project too and this morning I’ve sent historic photos for Heritage England to use.

contributing to history


In the above photo, you can see a cameraman from BBC television shooting a video of the conservation zone and that too is contributing to history. This is history in the making and I expect numerous photographers will be out over the winter recording the changes. I don’t expect any major changes until at least next spring, however. We are in the planning stage of a project to tell the story of the conservation zone. Photography will play a major part in that because it records visually the changes as they happen.

Contributing to history

Contributing to history involves words, pictures and possibly video recordings.  Instead of our history being random pictures and snippets of information it can be a purposeful record of change. We are more aware now of the need to record change and we have great tools to do that. Through the winter the light will be poor and the conditions more challenging for photography but I think I have an advantage with a full-frame camera.

Harsh light

On Sunday, the light was very harsh and the sun lower in the sky, so dark shadows were evident in my shots. Shadow gives objects form, there is a light side and a dark side but the shadows can be too dark. Fortunately, my camera does pick up the light from the areas in shadow so it’s not too much of a problem.

Wednesbury Market Place


The shadow works well in the above picture to give the clock tower form and even though there are long shadows it isn’t a problem. Sometimes shadows can cause large black areas in an image but this image is fairly well balanced.


It is the Autumnal equinox today so autumn will now begin. An equinox occurs when the sun passes directly over the Earth’s equator, resulting in a day and night that are equal in length. After today, the hours of daylight will get shorter and shorter, making photography more challenging as we approach winter.

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