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Conveying a mood #photography #art

There are always interesting things to photograph and photography isn’t just about taking snaps. I look at photography as an art in itself and I look for unusual things to photograph.  I found this little chapel down a side street in Bilston and took a few shots early in the evening. The art of photography is imagining what mood an image will convey and I thought this chapel looked cold and lonely.

what mood does this image convey?


The building is more or less black and white and so I wondered what the whole picture would look like in monochrome.



I think it makes for a much more dramatic picture. The clouds suggest an imminent  storm. Pictures convey a message and this image could easily be used for a book cover with words added to suggest something dark and mysterious. The mood this image conveys is dramatic.



This is the same image but the mood it conveys is totally different. All I have done is added a white border using Photoscape. You can download Photoscape free and I find it a useful application. I think the mood of this image is more peaceful and perhaps conveys something spiritual.



The mood of this image contrasts with the ones of the chapel. There are contrasts in the image too. I was attracted to way the horses looked behind the pattern of the fencing.



This sunny image taken outside the art gallery in Wednesbury convey a modern but busy mood. Every image has its message and ones of the Black Country are often dark and quite depressing but it doesn’t have to be that way. Things look better on a summer’s day.

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