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If you want to save money then cooking your own food is an obvious money saver. When you buy takeaway food or have a meal in a cafe or restaurant, you are paying someone else to do something you could do yourself. On top of that, 20% VAT is added. The same applies to drinks like coffee.

Arabica Beans

There appears to be some prestige associated with drinking coffee from Starbucks and Costa. While people who crave a higher status are wasting money buying expensive coffee made from the finest Arabica beans, people with a higher status are drinking instant coffee they bought from Aldi.


If you have aspirations and want to ‘better yourself’ then rather than buying an iPhone and drinking expensive coffee you could consider improving your education and getting improved qualifications. You could also become more thrifty and frugal and use the money saved to become an investor.  Becoming an investor won’t impress your friends and neighbours but with money invested, that is there for dire emergencies, you might sleep better at night. You won’t be kept awake by the caffeine in the coffee either.


Most of us, if not all of us, have contracts for services that come up for renewal every year or so. It can be a good time to review what you are really paying and consider changing supplier. You can shop around when your phone contract is up for renewal and the same applies to energy and insurances.


Many people try to impress with collecting possessions but have you ever considered art as a way of decorating your home? Going for a quite minimalist look for your home with few ornaments and the minimum of furnishings can make your home easier to clean and maintain. Then a beautiful work of art will really stand out and could be an investment too. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you might find something at a local auction. You can get some ideas by looking at pictures on my Facebook page. As a general rule, I would say avoid pictures of animals. Street scenes would probably be the best investment. Pictures of a historic building might be worth considering too. Try to buy direct from an artist, markups can be very high for pictures. Think about art when you are buying furnishing for your home too. We often look for items that will do the job, that are utilitarian, but why not have something stylish too?

If you have good taste, you don’t need to spend a fortune making your home beautiful. You can search the internet for good ideas. You can even compile a collection of images on Pinterest. Search for art deco as a starting point.

As usual this week, I shopped at Aldi and bought a chicken amongst other things. It was 2.39 and I didn’t have to buy three for a tenner like in the larger supermarkets. I’ll get a few meals out of that. I had a kilo bag of frozen French fries too, that I cook in 10 minutes in my Philips air fryer. At 75p a bag, they are certainly cheaper than a portion from McDonalds. McDonalds have lots of information about their meals on their website with the glaring exception of prices. They are not selling food, they are selling an American idea. It is an expensive idea.

I hope that  I have given you some ideas today. Don’t fall for the marketing and the hype. Don’t let the marketing men decide what you spend your money on. Employ some good taste and make sure that you decide where your money goes.

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