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Cooking up some savings #thrifty

I rarely eat when I’m out because it is simply too much trouble. I have to stick to a gluten-free diet and so I can’t eat battered fish and buying chips mean asking for them to be plain and then waiting for them to be cooked. So when I’m cooking I  try to make the meals look good as well as taste good and of course, I try to save money.

Bangers and mash

Sausages with mashed potato is an old favourite and now there is a wide selection of gluten-free sausages available at the leading supermarkets and at the discounters like Aldi. Here I have cooked Lincolnshire sausages with mash and boiled leeks.

Savoury chicken wings

cooking savoury chicken wings

I sprinkle chicken wings with herbs like sage to make them savoury but you can sprinkle them with spices too. Try putting the spice into a plastic bag with the wings and then simply shake it to coat the wings in spices.

Cooking up savings with mince

You can make lots of inexpensive and nutritious meals with mince. I cook it in gravy and add frozen mixed vegetables and peas and then serve it with mashed potato. Cooking the mince in gravy can add flavour if you add herbs or spices.

Fruit and jelly

You can finish off your home cooked meal with tinned fruit and jelly. This jelly was blackcurrant but raspberry jelly looks good too. I pour a little soya milk on the top, but you can add milk or ice cream. Experiment with making your food look good as well as being inexpensive.

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