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Cooking up savings #thrifty


Thrifty Thursday cooking


I went into Mcdonald’s the other night with friends and paid nearly a quid for a cup of tea. I’m not used to such places, I do a lot of cooking and so I mistook the large fries for small. That wasn’t the only mistake I made, just going in there was a mistake and then I compounded my errors  by driving out the wrong way…

chicken wings and fries - easy to cook

Spicy chicken

No, this isn’t a Mcdonalds happy meal. I cooked this, spicy chicken wings and fries. It cost less than my Mcdonalds cup of tea and I got more fries and more chicken. I have nothing against Mcdonalds or the people who waste money in there or people who pay a hundred quid a bottle for overpriced champagne. Think of all the VAT that these people pay, that I don’t have to pay. I’m not mean but I do check such things. I realised I was spending about a pound a week on crisps. Now the Mcdonalds user would say ‘it’s only a pound’ but look after the pounds and you could die a millionaire…

VAT on crisps

Anyway, I cooked those fries in my air-fryer and it only takes 10 minutes. So I could fry a kilo of fries and gorge myself and it would still work out cheaper than a six-pack of crisps. There are only 30 grams of crisps in a packet of crisps and you do pay VAT on crisps. I’m paying 20p a week VAT just on crisps. I can do a large portion of fries for that in just 10minutes. They would cost me over a pound in Mcdonalds plus VAT!

Rocket science?

If you haven’t got an air-fryer just put your fries in the oven with the chicken wings… Cooking isn’t rocket science.


You do need to go out and buy VAT-free food before you start cooking. The chicken wings were 2.29 from Asda and the fries 75p from Aldi. The spice flavouring was from Aldi too and less than a pound. You can buy the chicken drumsticks from Aldi and save more money. I usually do, but I like chicken wings sometimes…

3-course meal?

You can also get large packs of chicken wings and thighs. I have one in my fridge and I’ll be cooking with that later. I’ll make chicken stock with one or two of the thighs and then I can make soup or stew. Having soup before your chicken and fries means you don’t have to cook such a large main course. You can even afford to make a dessert!


Cooking isn’t difficult and you can cook meals like they do in the fast food places. They don’t have cordon bleu chefs in Mcdonalds, they are kids on minimum wage. They were very pleasant and polite kids in the one I went in, but they don’t do suckling piglet on a bed of vine leaves or canapés topped with Beluga caviar. The cooking is basic and quick.

Easy and healthy

Many foods are easy to cook, they are simply boiled in water. You can even make fantastic meals from leftover food. Mash together leftover boiled potato and cabbage to make bubble and squeak, which is delicious with bacon, sausage and fried egg. The cabbage provides fibre and makes it much healthier.

If you have any cheap and easy cooking ideas please use the comments box below to share them and click follow this blog too. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates. I also welcome comments and cooking ideas on my Facebook page.

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