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It can be difficult being cool and fashionable when you’re on a budget. What is cool anyway? The latest trainers or hoody? A lot depends on the trendsetters. They can be pop stars or sporting celebrities or even a cartoon character. Cool is  about association; understand that and  you’re cool.

What do you think of when you see faded and ripped jeans? Is that cool? In some countries in the past owning any jeans, even worn out jeans, was cool. The celebrities and the cool people were wearing them with pride and enjoying themselves. Cool is about being happy and enjoying yourself. Cool is a state of mind, not a pair of jeans. I think onesies are really uncool, but for some people they were really cool last year. That was a passing fad, they aren’t that practical except around the house. I did see some kids wearing them to an event when it was freezing and they looked really warm. They also looked cool, despite the cold.

If you want to look fashionable and cool, you don’t need the latest fashions. You need a style that you are happy and confident with. You might be inspired by a celebrity, that might be your association. You might be inspired by a foreign culture and go very French and dress in a striped tee shirt and a beret. On a summers day, that would look very cool. It wouldn’t be fashionable, but by wearing it confidently you might create a local fashion.

The gypsies that invaded Paris in the early 20th century were said to come from Bohemia. They looked cool, they were confident and they brought a new look to Paris. Soon being Bohemian and dressing like a gypsy was the cool, but it was more than that it was a free and easy lifestyle. It even spread to other cities like London.

We all have a desire to be free, to loosen the shackles of convention and so that Bohemian lifestyle is still attractive. We can wear faded jeans and dodgy tee shirts with boat shoes and an ‘old fashioned hat’ and still look cool. It is still a lifestyle and cooking your own food and rejecting the advertised crap is still an attractive option.

The Aldi super-six this week might tempt you if you’re planning to cook a meal. They are green beans (220g), baby maris peer potatoes (1kg), red onions (1kg), swede, conference pears and leeks (500g). They are all 59p each and the offers last until the 2nd of December.

I went to Aldi yesterday and managed to get some gluten free sausages half price! I had bangers and mash for dinner; delicious!

Have you noticed that seamen always seem to wear the same style of sweater, a  beanie style hat and either a parka or a wax jacket? That’s my style for the winter, a parka with a Thinsulate beany hat and gloves (fingerless if I’m taking photos) with a warm pair of jeans (thermal underwear too). I have leather boots too for tramping through the snow. I’m not sure if I will look cool, my whole idea is to keep warm!

There are some good special buys at Aldi today. They are mostly to help us cope with the winter weather, but there are Christmas goods too.  The Sunday special buys are mostly about keeping warm too.

Remember to check out charity shops for retro clothing and accessories so you keep warm and look cool this winter. You can also find cool stuff at discount stores like Matalan. Get a Matalan card and the app on your phone for discounts.

That’s it for today, you can be cool and save money. In fact saving money is cool! You can follow this blog just by entering your email address in the space at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates.

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