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Coping with winter light #photography


I find taking photographs outdoors in winter quite challenging. This building was a Victorian science school. The old sign is covered with the later ‘Adult Education Centre’ sign. The building will soon be demolished and so I took a photograph to record it as part of our history.

I took a number of shots.  The close up shot shows some of the damage to the building but also shows the beauty of the Victorian architecture.


I did have a little sunshine but it was mostly a grey sky and so a grey light. It shows up all the damage to the road and shows the town hall needs its stonework cleaning. The road looks a little blue after all the rain.


The harsh light makes the damage caused by industrial pollution to the brickwork of the art gallery quite obvious.  This would look much better in a warmer light. The sign does make an interesting subject, though.


This was on Sunday and despite the blue sky and sunshine, the light is still very harsh close to midday. This is the local Conservative club and as you can see from the for sale sign, this has closed down too.


The sign over the window on this historic coach house also made a good subject before I crossed the road to take a shot of the entire building.


I didn’t have the light on the building for this shot, so you can’t see the sign over the window. It’s quite dark too. The best time to take this shot would be very early in the morning when the sun is in the east.


You can see how blue the sky is on this shot of Wednesbury marketplace. The shot has lots of perspectives as the road goes away from us, but the road dominates the picture. The road would be much lighter if it was dry, the rain has made it much darker. I did close ups of the top of the historic clock tower and an offer was made to clean it!

I hope you liked today’s pictures. I shot these on aperture priority with an ISO of 100 and used F8 for most of the shots. The white balance was on ‘cloudy’ for the shots around the town hall and ‘sunny’ for the ones on Sunday.

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