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Coronavirus: what is the truth? #health

I’ve been in lockdown for 8 weeks and I have more questions than answers. The mantra was “flatten the curve” and the transmission rate is falling in London. It appears that a large number of people have contracted the virus and could, therefore, be immune now and the transmission index, the so-called r number is now below one. However, the scientific advisors seem unsure now if people who have had COVID-19 are actually immune. They want an antibody test but doesn’t the fact that infections are falling strongly suggest many people are immune? Obviously the lockdown slowed the transmission rate but if that was the only factor then the rate will go up as soon as we come out of lockdown. We need to know if so-called herd immunity is really working in London. What is the truth?


Care homes

We also need to know the truth about transmission in care homes and how many of our most vulnerable citizens are being allowed to die without proper medical attention or palliative care. I suspect they aren’t given the proper care and are not even taken to hospital but cared for by carers rather than doctors and nurses.

Who is catching the coronavirus?

We know that black and Asian people are dying after catching the coronavirus but are they more susceptible to it or are they more likely to catch it because they are more likely to work in the health service? Are they bringing it in from overseas?


How many travellers to the UK are bringing the virus here? The government believes that as a percentage of people who have the virus who have recently come into the country is low compared to all the people who have the virus. Why are we allowing more people to come into the country? If we stopped people coming into London from overseas and gave PPE to care homes and monitored movement in and out of London perhaps the so-called r number could be brought down to close to zero and the virus might be eradicated in London.


I feel like I’m going to be in lockdown forever or I’ll have to risk catching the virus. It is possible to get the transmission rate close to zero and then in time we would eradicate the virus in this country. We need testing to find the asymptomatic carriers and we need a clearer message so symptomatic carriers will isolate and seek help. We need more information about coronavirus and the disease it caused so we can make informed decisions.

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