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I read a couple of blogs recently where they claimed they could save me money with coupons and cash-back. The lady ‘saving’ money with coupons was spending large amounts of money on branded products each week and spent hours of her time finding and using the coupons. I used a coupon in Matalan last week but it was a 20% off one on the Matalan app on my phone. I bought a couple of sweaters for £26 and with the 20% off and so paid £20.80. That is a real saving and very little messing about to get it. I didn’t have to buy an expensive designer label to save money.

coupons can save you money

Cash back

I’m into photography and Nikon like doing cash-back deals. So this is a marketing ploy to get me to buy right? So why do I always avoid the retailer offering the cash-back? I bought a Speedlight from Amazon and asked for the cash-back of £30. I had to mess around scanning the warranty and then they refused me the cash-back of £30. To cut a long story short, eventually Amazon paid me the £30. I later bought a professional Speedlight for half the price and no messing around. There are also some schemes that give you a code to enter at the checkout but again beware because it might only apply to the most expensive brand.


Coupons are designed to give you an incentive to buy a product. The product is usually the premium product. Do the premium corn flakes taste better than the cheap ones? I can’t tell the difference but your kids will probably feel deprived if you don’t buy the premium brand. They will also want the brand label their tee-shirt, jeans and trainers. They are brainwashed by the media in a similar way that people of my generation were brainwashed into smoking cigarettes and drinking too much alcohol.


I do buy premium products but I always try to shop around and get the product cheaper. I have saved a fortune on camera equipment by shopping around and importing from overseas. Some premium brands take more care on the design and quality of their products. The quality of tee shirts for example varies and I have one that is developing little holes and the stitching is coming undone that I paid the full price for at the beginning of the summer. The similar Tesco tee shirts with ‘stay like new technology’ do stay like new and are good quality despite being 2 for £8. My jeans are a famous brand but they were on offer at about half price.


I’m now thinking about what Christmas presents to buy. I know we still have nearly 3 months but I can give it a lot more thought and shop around. I actually thought of a good Christmas present today but it is no longer on offer. I can wait and see if it comes up on offer again in the next couple of months. It takes valuable time to just think about what to buy so it is wise to start early. Discounters like Aldi have their special buys twice a week and so once you have some idea of what you’re looking for you can look at all the offers.

Saving time

For many people saving time is more important than saving money. You can save a little time by thinking logically about what you buy. Think about people’s special interests when trying to decide on Christmas presents and then watch for bargains based on their interests. My brother is a golfer and so I bought some golf balls that were on offer last year for Christmas. If people are struggling a bit financially then buy them something that will make their Christmas a little better rather than a premium product. Food and drink spring to mind and it is quite acceptable to buy a family who is struggling a bit a turkey for their Christmas dinner every Christmas. It isn’t going to be much of a surprise but it’ll save them a little money at a time of year when they are struggling a bit. Buy luxury goods like champagne for people who can afford everything they need. Check out last week’s post for thoughts on buying for Christmas.

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