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Covid vaccination and other thoughts #Sundayramble

It’s Sunday morning and so, as usual, I’ll share my thoughts with you. I haven’t been vaccinated against covid yet but I will enquire about my covid vaccination next week. I went out in the snow to clear it from my car and that triggered a bad migraine so I couldn’t go to the vaccination centre. I can get my vaccination at the surgery nearby if I wait, so that’s good enough for me. Now many people have been vaccinated for covid will they all want flu vaccination later this year? Maybe they can do a combined vaccine for flu and covid?

covid vaccination

Wednesbury Town

I was photographing Wednesbury Town last year before we went into lockdown again. I feel like going out and taking photos today. I could do it while I take my exercise, right? I am feeling the cold more just lately so I’ll see what the weather is like. I could take a walk somewhere more scenic than the town centre. I have enough photos of those buildings for now. I would really like to shoot some pictures with faster shutter speeds despite the lack of light and dark skies just to see how they turn out. I like experimenting!


I’ve been wondering about the restrictions too. How long will it be before we return to normal? The South African variant is not only more contagious, it appears to be a virus that gets past the AstraZeneca –  Oxford vaccine protection. Maybe they can alter the vaccine so we can have a booster in the autumn against the variants? The pandemic won’t be over this year whatever they do. It brings into question the 2022 Commonwealth Games. It would be folly to go ahead unless we can be absolutely sure it won’t trigger another wave of out of control covid infection. When the virus is under control we will still have to wait for other countries to vaccinate their people. I’m glad I’m not a person who hugs people and I tend to keep a distance anyway. That might help me maintain a barrier to both the covid virus and the flu virus!

Covid vaccination

I think the covid vaccination has produced few side effects. Some younger people, not used to having vaccinations, have reported mild fevers and sore arms. I’ve had the flu vaccination, the one for pneumonia and the one for shingles so I don’t anticipate any problem. Maybe a sore arm, but nothing more than that. I had a bruised arm after my last flu jab but I didn’t notice it until later in the day when I took a shower. It was gone by the next day. Apparently, the vaccine produces antibodies to the virus as well as T-cells. T-cells are the Sherman tanks of the immune system that destroy any cells that the virus has infected. You would expect to know when you’re producing T-cells. T-cells destroy cells in the throat and make it painful when you have colds and flu. My immune system destroys healthy cells so it is sensitive to things invading my body. I only have to smell my deodorant and I start sneezing! I’ve been wearing a surgical mask when I’ve been close to people but I’ll wear my ffp2 mask for the vaccination. I could simply walk into the hospital today and get it but as half of the patients in the hospital have covid now and the South African variant is known to be in that area; I think I’ll wait and go to the surgery.


Resilience is a buzzword now and we have all had to show resilience this past 12 months. Now though, we will see the psychological damage the pandemic has caused. Hospital staff especially will need help to recover from the pandemic and we really need a review of all our mental health services and additional training for GPs and practice nurses to deal with the post-pandemic problems. We can’t just muddle through again. We will only have true resilience if we have a support network that is open to everyone.

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