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Covidiot morons #ramble

As always on Sunday morning, I’ll share my thoughts with you. I saw a news flash on my phone as I got dressed this morning. The death toll from Covid has now passed 80,000. I’m sure it will pass 100,000 before it is through. Looking out of the window, I see fewer visitors going to my neighbours houses. It is too little, too late, the virus is now out of control. The covidiot morons have done too much damage.

Wednesbury town


As always, I’m thinking about photography. We are in lockdown and I suppose I could drive to open space then go for a walk and take some photos. I’ll think about doing that later. I try to set an example for others so I might stay put. I certainly won’t be visiting people and I’ll stay isolated.  I have an Amazon delivery today. A microphone for when I’m shooting video and an HDMI cable for my camera. I think in the future I will be shooting more video and I’ll try to do the video better for the Zoom meetings. I’m also thinking about entering a photography competition. I’ve selected a couple of good photos that I could enter. That will be a diversion and give me something else to think about.

64 Million Artists

I’m doing the daily challenges from 64 Million Artists and as usual thinking way out of the box! Today the challenge is to retell a childhood story from a different perspective. I thought about trying it with Great Expectations. It’s a book I really got into when I studied it for English Literature. Maybe I could make Biddy the protagonist instead of Pip?


I’ve been speaking out against the covidiot. Those morons who not only ignore the regulations but actively spread misinformation and tell people it’s all a hoax. They have even been filming in hospitals to try to show they are empty. Of course, they are empty, they can’t have people crowding into ED. The covid wards aren’t empty though, you idiots. These belligerent morons really need to fined by the police and brought into line. I don’t think it would stretch police manpower too much to have an officer at each supermarket telling people to wear masks and supporting the security officers.

Roll on spring

Roll on spring so I can have my vaccination and get out there with my camera again. I think it will be at least March before I get vaccinated but that’s OK. I have survived isolation this long, another 10 weeks won’t make much difference. Then there will be a 12 week wait for the second jab so it will be summer before I can rejoin polite society. Not that there is much polite society in Wednesbury.

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