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Crash: is it over? #investments

We have seen the stock market fall from over 7,000 to under 6000, is the carnage over? I think to call it a crash is an exaggeration, it’s really a market correction with a sprinkling of panic.

The danger when the market falls so fast is that cash-rich companies will take advantage and start to consider mergers and acquisitions. Many companies have had their market capitalisation slashed and so could be acquisition targets. Some share prices are definitively looking cheap.

There was some good news this week. Solo Oil seems a good bet as they begin to change from an explorer to producer. They are also becoming more diverse on the exploration side. Mark Carney put the kiss of death on the whole industry by saying all those oil assets could end up worthless because of climate change regulation. I think we have to accept climate change, but not be too idealistic; we need to be practical.

Verona Pharma gave us some good news and saw it’s share price climb as it completed another phase of its drug testing. Immupharma had a little good news, but it didn’t help the share price; maybe next week.

I was pleased to see Tesco climb, they have sold off assets in Korea and now have less debt and are able to improve stores closer to home. They should ask me to be a consultant, I can tell them what needs to be done at my local Tesco. I would start on the car park. I’m good with ideas!

Premier Foods is still a disappointment, but they are making progress. I think Christmas sales could help them progress and market their new lines more effectively. They did start using Facebook to market Mr Kipling, but that seems to have dropped off.

The problem with investing in companies whose operations are in other countries, you can’t see so easily what’s going on. That is particularly true of companies in the far east. Graphene Nanochem is a great investment if you believe all the company has to say. The share price continues to drop and the directors have a duty to reassure shareholders and provide more information. We will see what happens in the long term.

Monetise still have its fans, but the share price is now down to 2.72. Like Graphene Nanochem, they have a lot of potential because they have advanced technology; in theory.

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