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Crazy ideas? #life

I have become quite creative in my old age and my ideas have changed. I am now more in favour of a universal income, a transaction tax to pay for it and other measures to change our economic system. I am also in favour of some nationalisation. I would nationalise the water companies and give everyone free water. I am also in favour of higher taxes on vehicle fuel and a higher rate of VAT despite being a driver. Are these crazy ideas?

crazy ideas?

Pretty streets

One of my crazy ideas is to make streets pretty like the one in the picture. I want grass verges and trees and anything that makes our streets look nice. It would be good for people’s mental health but also encourage pride in local neighbourhoods but above all else, it might encourage people to walk. We need children to walk to school and keep fit. If children are fit they might continue walking and keeping fit as adults rather than buying a car. We can’t keep putting more cars on the roads, they are congested now. We must think about the future. We must start protecting the environment and that means higher taxes on manufactured goods and higher fuel duties.

Work at home

A universal income might allow artists, poets and other creative people to work at home much of the time and again this will keep them off the roads and be good for the environment. Are these crazy ideas? They are not as crazy as keep putting more and more cars on the road. If only people with disabilities and medical conditions were driving and the rest took taxis or used public transport we would all get around much easier and quicker.

Crazy ideas?

Making our environment pretty might sound crazy but I think people like walking in parks and nature reserves so why not prettify everywhere! I often drive through tree-lined industrial estates and so it is possible. Perhaps we could even give people benches with a nice view where they can rest and perhaps talk to other people. We could even encourage people to say good morning to each other or exchange a simple hello.

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