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Crazy people and Facebook memes #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. Facebook is driving me nuts and wasting my time this morning. One of those loony anti-vaxxers posted one of their conspiracy theory memes on one of my business pages. I want to delete it and ban him. Facebook refuses to cooperate! I wish they would stop changing Facebook and start fixing the errors. I wish I could say these crazy people have no influence but they are obsessed and so they just keep posting misinformation and spreading the anti-science memes. Facebook needs to be more proactive against these crazy people too.

crazy people

Art cards

I’m thinking of doing another art card with a picture of the Market Place in Wednesbury. This picture is good but I would really like the clock tower a little farther to the right. It is a rule in photography to put the subject around 1/3 across so it doesn’t dominate the image but is clearly the subject. This was a larger picture and I cropped it to get rid of peeling paint! I need a day when there is good light and fewer cars. I dislike it when I have half a car on the edge of the image. I prefer the whole car or nothing. Yes, I tend to be a bit fussy but when the print run is 1,000 cards I need to be fussy!


I have photography in my thoughts today too. I might go out after lunch and see if I can take a few pictures. Of course, I will need to be careful and keep my distance from people and take a mask with me. I’ll need to buy petrol soon but that isn’t usually a problem with fewer people around on a Sunday. Last time I bought petrol I wore a mask but there was one of those crazy people in there shouting and trying to sing. You can’t reason with them and you aren’t allowed to shoot them so what can you do?


I’ve been playing GTA (Grand Theft Auto) on my PS4 (Playstation 4) that’s where I can go crazy, driving at incredible speeds in an Italian supercar. You are allowed to shoot people too! I seem to get shot at in one part of the city. They seem to be a clan of bikers. I attacked them with sticky bombs last night and it was carnage!

Crazy people

I’ve been coming up with ideas for events for our Conservation Zone. Some agitators are already taking an interest. We have had similar efforts to improve Wednesbury scuppered by crazy people before. I’m being cautious this time. I hope we can involve people in events over the next three years and help them feel proud to live in this town. We will need more positivity when this covid epidemic finally comes to an end. In the meantime, we can be the light at the end of the tunnel and try to inspire people and give them hope.

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