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Creating an art card #photography

There is a lot to be considered when you are creating an art card. You don’t want to lose money on them but you probably won’t make much money either unless you have a selection to sell. My art cards have been sold in the local library and I’m waiting to hear if they intend to continue selling them. I need to have 1,000 of each card printed to get a bulk price low enough to make it worthwhile.

creating an art card

Creating an art card

Obviously, I have to get a good picture and the composition is important. My next cards will probably be of the Fountain and Mad O’Rourke’s Pie Factory in Tipton. I’ve taken some pictures to get an idea of what I want for the cards. The direction of the sun is important. I really need a good day to get better pictures. I would prefer a sunny day with some cloud. A warmer light would be great. I think the Pie Factory will need to be taken in the afternoon if I wait until late afternoon there will be long shadows. The Fountain will need to be taken as early in the day as possible. I put my pictures on Facebook and got a couple of comments to the effect that I need to zoom in more or crop the images. I think that might be a good idea. When you are creating an art card, the picture is the most important thing.

Printing costs

I’ve made a small profit on the Wednesbury ones but the Tipton ones are riskier so I hope to sell more before I have those printed. I want to make a profit overall so that money can be ploughed into albums for retirement homes and maybe one for the library. I’ll get some more money in and wait to see how much support I have to sell the cards before I have more printed. I think when I have done quite a few people will start collecting them and it will be worthwhile delivering the whole set if people are buying a few pounds worth of cards. At 50p each people are buying art at a reasonable price.

Of course, to get started doing art cards you have to finance all the printing costs yourself and just hope that they sell.

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