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Creating an image #life

This is Noddy Holder, a national treasure and a local hero, here in the Black Country. He made a name for himself, not to mention the money and brought us a new brand of entertainment. I often wonder, what makes a celebrity?

Is it talent that makes a celebrity? I don’t think so, I know lots of people with talent that aren’t celebrities. Is it luck? Why do they get all the public adoration when they become well known? They have publicists of course and that helps them be seen in the right light. Is that it? Do you need a good image to become a celebrity? If that’s the case I think I had better use soft focus next time I photograph Noddy…

I think Gareth Gates won a talent show or something to achieve fame, but then he gets managed and his image promoted. I suppose image is part of the celebrity formula. Even cartoon characters and puppets achieve celebrity status. Kermit the frog is more famous than many of the pop stars!

This is Miss Fortunes, who are not quite international celebrities, yet, but trying hard and are well known in the Black Country. I wouldn’t describe myself as a fan exactly, but I am giving them a little free publicity and hope they do well. Is that what motivates us to be ‘fans’ and make celebrities? Do we have a benevolent streak in us that wants people to do well?

This is Black Country Gaz, who has become a local celebrity. He clearly enjoys entertaining other people. Perhaps that’s the secret of becoming a celebrity, just the ability to entertain and enjoy it.

I think the four members of the Scarbelly Blues band enjoy entertaining us. They are local celebrities too.

There has been an advert on television for young people about creating the right image when they are looking for jobs and other opportunities. We all have public images now with social media, so I suppose if you want to be a celebrity and have zillions of adoring fans you have to project the  right image. I just take the photos, but I hope I’m helping local celebrities a little…

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