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Creating an image #photography

creating a stamp

You can have a little fun with photography. I took this photo of the Queen’s Head in Wednesbury in quite bright sunlight. I took a few shots and the landscape ‘scene’ setting did a good image. I got a slightly better image using aperture priority. I set the aperture at f/13 for this shot.

Creating a picture

The editing was done in PhotoScape, where I added the border and the text. For those outside the UK, it’s usual to have the Queen’s Head on our stamps, but not this one! Have a go at creating something yourself.

1 Tipton Bridge

Sometimes, poor light can make a picture quite moody. The sun did come out later, but for the dark pictures I raised the ISO on my camera to 800 and to get more light into the camera on this shot I used an aperture of f/5. It didn’t really matter if the background was blurred, it was misty anyway. Modern cameras have AF (auto focus), bridge cameras will focus on just about anything, but my DSLR likes to focus on a subject. In this case the subject is the end of the bridge. I particularly wanted the brickwork in focus. I think the picture works quite well. Few people will notice the background being slightly out of focus.


This was St Peter’s in Great Bridge on a sunny day. I shot this at f/16 on aperture priority and the camera chose the shutter speed at 1/100 of a second. Those are typical landscape settings for a sunny day. I did try other settings. I tried a wider aperture and on that setting the brickwork on the wall was in sharper focus, but my subject wasn’t so good. The pattern of that brickwork adds interest to the picture, but the shots I took zoomed in weren’t so good. You are creating an image, so try different things.

1 Farley park GREAT BRIDGE

Farley Park is next door to the church and this lodge is quite unusual. The park lodge is usually a lot smaller. I think this one is used as a community centre. Having people in the picture adds a little interest, but you need a fast shutter speed. I used an aperture of f/14 which is  quite a narrow aperture and on aperture priority that gave me a shutter speed of 1/60 second.

Before I started these shoots, I set white balance, focusing and metering. The light can change, even on that misty day we had some sunshine. You can get good shots with the scene modes and many settings on auto. Use the manual setting when you have some experience with the scene settings and you can slowly work your way up to M for manual.

When you have some decent photos, you can try artistic edits using PhotoScape. I have used Photoshop, but that’s more complicated and less intuitive, so takes too much time. I think editing is as important as taking the shots, you want to be creating a good image. Even just adding highlights and a little contrast in Windows Live gallery can make a lot of difference.

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