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Creating art #64millionartists #Januarychallenge

I have been doing the 64 Million artists January challenges with a new challenge every day. Yesterday, I created art from fruit. I used photography, of course! These challenges are about being creative and to some extent to being brave and not care too much about what people think of your creations. Creating art with fruit wasn’t too difficult. I came up this:

creating art

Creating art

Creating art like this is for everyone but perhaps not everyone can create a picture like this. You create whatever you can with the talents you have. I can’t draw and so I used photography.

acoustic blues album

Album cover

The challenge the other day was to create an album cover. What do you think? Some people earn a living doing this sort of thing and we do have a more creative economy these days. I might start charging for my services more. I think people often take me for granted. I don’t mind doing photography for local organisations for free but I expect a little respect and cooperation in return.

He aye an artist

I’m sure someone will point the finger and in a broad Black Country accent say, “he aye an artist”! Of course, anyone can be an artist or a photographer, it’s not brain surgery. For that matter, anyone can be a brain surgeon but it is advisable to practice on small animals. Preferably dead ones…

You too?

Anyway, if you fancy creating art; just do it. You can join the 64 million artists and do the monthly challenge starting next month. Yes, you too can be an artist!

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