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Creating art from design #photography #art

I went back to photograph a humble post box, yesterday. Despite the fact we take post boxes for granted they are an iconic design and I hope my photograph can be considered art from design.

art from design

Pillar box

There were no roadside letter boxes in the British Isles until 1852, when the first pillar boxes were erected at St Hellier in Jersey at the recommendation of Anthony Trollope, who was working as a Surveyor’s Clerk for the Post Office. The first red ones appeared in London sometime later and the colour certainly makes them stand out. I took my photo from the car so I was at the same height as the pillar box and waited for the car in the background to come into view. I took the shot at f/16, it was quite sunny and to get the exposure of the pillar box just right, I used centre-weighted metering. The editing was fairly minimal, just a little more contrast and I made it very slightly lighter. I’m quite pleased with the shot but it would have been better with a faster shutter speed to freeze the car in the background. The pillar box dominates the picture and another option could have been to have it 1/3 of the way across so the background wasn’t so excluded.

TOWN (2)

Art from design

The design of this building caught my eye and again I wanted to create art from design and take a picture. I think the cloudy sky diffused the light just right for this shot. The building was just over the road and so I shot at f/6.3 with matrix metering which gave me a very fast shutter speed of 1/320 of a second; much faster than I needed. That fast shutter speed did eliminate all trace of camera shake and vibration and so gave me a very sharp picture.

TOWN (1)

My final picture is of the inside of our new community hub. The design is obviously one that gives a bright and colourful look to what is meant to be a community space while there is a nod to the nature of their business. It is provided by S. Staffs water as part of their customer service as well as being a community resource. Again the design makes my picture and fits in well with the art from design theme. I shot this with the ISO cranked up to 800 and opened the aperture up to f/6.3 on aperture priority. That gave me a shutter speed of 1/60 of a second which was OK for shooting at 18 mm.

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