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Creating art with a camera #photography

The 64 Million artists weekly challenge this week was about 10 things around us or about us that were good. You can look and see all sorts of interesting things and I decided to photograph what I saw and create a collage. I share my creation with the 64 Million artists group on Facebook. So yes, I am creating something to share with other people. That is what art is about, sharing your creations. Using a camera is much quicker than traditional artist methods, of course. It can even be very quick if I turn on the Wi-Fi and send pictures to my phone where they can be instantly uploaded to social media. Creating art with a camera is something anyone can do quickly and easily.

creating art with your camera


I found a template on PhotoScape that did a 5 picture collage and so I actually did two collages and joined them together. I usually think about what I want in my frame but you’ll see some of my quite wide shots here have been cropped to fit quite a narrow frame. I’ve got the titles of a couple of magazine, a part of a tree and a glimpse of a few things. You don’t have to photograph the whole thing, you can photograph a church door rather than the whole church or part of a sign rather than the whole.

Creating art with a camera

I’m creating art with a camera and so I don’t really want any rules. I try for one rule and that is to get my subject sharp so the images look professional. I do try for a nice bokeh too, but it isn’t  essential. As artists we need to always remember our audience. They aren’t with us as we take the photographs but they should be with us in our mind and we should shoot for them. We need to think about how to engage with our audience who we should treat like friends.

The internet

In these days of mass communication our audience might be thousands of people or even millions of people. They want familiar images that they can relate to, they want unusual images that will pique their curiosity and they want beauty in all its forms.

The medium

We are creating art with a camera, just pictures but those pictures can have words added to them to make them more engaging. We can also consider the medium, how we present the image to the audience. In the days of film cameras, images would be printed and presented in albums. These days we can still have images printed and my art cards were printed on silk card with a print run of 1,000 for each image. We can still have single images printed and put them in albums too. I also consider the latest medium which is to view images on a smart phone screen. The resolution is quite good on a smart phone but the images are small. I frequently size images to just 800 px wide when most of the audience will be viewing on a smartphone.


The images that make up my collage are varied and small so you can’t see the detail. I went more for colour and I did add words to the image to try to convey a message. Whatever camera you have, you can create art like this by combining you camera skills with editing.

That’s all for this week. Anyone can be an artist these days. You just need to adopt a creative mind-set. If you would like to subscribe to my blog and maybe find some inspiration just enter your email address in one of the spaces provided or follow me on twitter for links to my latest posts. Those links are also on my Facebook page.

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