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Creating content for social media #photography

I create a lot of content for social media and for my blog. Much of that content is created with my camera and it all gets posted using my laptop and occasionally my phone. Being able to shoot with fast shutter speeds for sharp photos is important and also being able to type reasonable quickly is important too. I was lucky to get a good keyboard when I changed my laptop!

creating content

Nikon D3200

I took this picture above with my Nikon D3200, I have a D750 now. The D3200 can be bought relatively cheaply on eBay and is a good camera if you’re just starting out in photography. Lenses are expensive, though. The lens I use most of the time on my D750 cost £800 but you can get cheaper lenses. For the shot above, I used a 35mm prime lens. A prime lens doesn’t zoom in and out but because it has fewer elements you tend to get great pictures and low distortion. A cheap DSLR and a prime lens could be a great way to start and give you great pictures from the word go.

Facebook and Instagram

I post on Facebook and Instagram and Creator Studio allows you to post on both at the same time. It is only for Facebook business pages linked to an Instagram account. You upload to Creator Studio and then tick a box to post to both Facebook and Instagram. You can also schedule posts for some time in the future. You can find Creator Studio on Facebook.


This blog is linked to Twitter and to LinkedIn and links to this post will be published automatically as soon as I publish. I’m not a great fan of Twitter but it is a good medium if you’re doing political posts. LinkedIn is business, Facebook is less serious and Twitter is for those political slogans and buzz words. One guy I follow posts about Premier Foods, he is a major investor and so has taken to Twitter to basically ramp the share price up!


I buy webspace and maintain my domain name for my blog. It uses WordPress and so it’s quite easy to maintain. It works out cheap because I negotiated a deal for 5 years and put WordPress on cheap Linux web space. It costs me about £75 a year which isn’t too expensive. I also pay around £70 a year to insure my photography equipment now too.


I’m using a trial version of Blogjet to write this and it seems quite useful. I’ll publish a draft and then go to my website and proof-read and edit the post online. I also add the ‘more’ tag immediately following the image. I use a variety of plug-ins for backups, SEO and I use Jetpack. Learning how to use WordPress takes time but it is much easier than using website builders and once set up it’s quite easy to write blogs and keep your website maintained.


Once you’re set up to post online, you need to decide on your genre. Some people are experts at gardening or are make-up artists, whatever your specialty, you can write about it, take photos and shoot video. You might even become a major influencer and make money from it. Just have a go and keep your costs low! Creating content isn’t difficult if you’re really interested in your subject(s). Just have a go and gain experience. 


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