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Creating photographic art #photography

To begin creating photographic art you need your goal to be, to create something special. Some photographers define photographic art as images that will sell. That isn’t a good definition, I prefer to think of it as images that people will enjoy. That suggests some kind of connection with the image. An image that will elicit a response. Yesterday, I set out to create some images for the #64millionartists January challenge. I decided on the view from my car and to include a little of my car in the image. It was a conscious decision to create something different. This was one of the images I created for the challenge.

Creating photographic art

Creating photographic art

I doubt if anyone would be interested in buying that image even if I had it printed, but it is worth remembering that images printed at 300 dpi look different from images on a computer screen at 72 dpi. So the presentation of the image is important to the process of creating photographic art. First, however, you have to take the photographs. I haven’t been out taking photos much recently because of the weather but I took a few for the creative challenge yesterday and used an ISO of at least 400 for the shots. That is a big advantage with a DSLR, they do take better pictures in poor light and you can adjust the settings more easily than on a bridge camera.  I took some shots from the car but I also got out of the car and looked at the wintry views.

DAY 22 (19)


There is a lot of detail in this image and I wanted the detail of the trees in the background to be in focus so I used a narrow aperture. The line between the ground and the water is at about 1/3 which is a good position. I also have the trees about 1/3 across the frame which is good, they don’t dominate the frame. The composition of the picture is quite good. The only thing I don’t like is the goose’s neck protruding into the picture at the bottom. I couldn’t crop that out so I had to leave it in. Overall, I got what I wanted and have the trees silhouetted against the sky. I did put this image on Facebook and it got a good response. Would people buy a print? I doubt it.


A picture’s ability to elicit a response from the audience is difficult to assess. Pictures of people are more likely to get some response. Pictures of places and things are more likely to be images that people want decorating their walls. Images with a message are more likely to be considered ‘art’. I am now thinking about images that do convey a message and so I’ve been considering images that incorporate text. Chinese brush painting combines imagery and text to great effect and so does advertising. If the image and text can be subtly combined then the combined image might evoke a response and be accepted as an art form.

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