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Creating social media content #smm #photography

I create social media content both for my blog and for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I use words and pictures and create narratives and even a little controversial content at times. I say good morning on Facebook to make one page more friendly and interactive and now I try to do the same with a group I’m an admin of. Social media is interactive and my readers on this blog can comment, click like or even email me. Creating social media content is about trying to spark interaction; a conversation.

social media content


This image looks like you are getting a peek into somewhere you might otherwise never see. It is hard to make images seem intriguing but that makes them interesting. Interesting is the key to social media content and intrigue is the aim. You can create an image by combining words and pictures. In this blog post, I’m doing just that but sometimes I overlay the words onto the picture. This can create a nostalgic image, a friendly image or even a hostile image. This is social media content.

Social media content

Social media content needs that spark. In the case of the picture above, the spark is recognition. Most local people will recognise that landmark as the Farley Tower in West Bromwich. Recognition might also be sparked by a well-known face.  I see local councillors posing for photographs a lot but most photographers know that posed photographers spark less interest. It is better to photograph people actually doing something. I did suggest that to a few local councillors but I think one misunderstood and thought I was suggesting they never did anything! Catching people in the act, so to speak, can be difficult. You do, however, get to see something of their personality.


Long lens

I’m hoping to do more shots like this, with a long lens. I think candid shots allow us to see natural facial expressions and when it captures people actually doing something like buying goods or cooking a meal it adds a new dynamic to the image. This can be difficult indoors but with my new camera, I should be able to cope with the low light better. I can use a higher ISO setting or even off-camera flash.


Combining an image with words creates an impression. Impressions can sell goods and win elections. Impressions can also sell ideas, innovation and even ideals.

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I’ll end with more pictures. What do these pictures say to you?

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