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Creation and curation #media

To be successful as a blogger and to be successful in managing social media channels, you need to understand the creation of content and also the curation of content that you might have collected, such as orphan images. Creation and curation is the cornerstone of blogging.

creation and curation


To be effective you have to be fairly prolific in your creation of content which can be words, pictures or video. I tend to use YouTube as a channel for video rather than embedding video in my blog. My blog is just one channel but there are others and the same principle applies, it’s all about creation and curation.

The channels

When this post is published, links to it will automatically be distributed to LinkedIn and Twitter. I do the links on Facebook manually and they go on my Facebook page and occasionally on my personal page. The publicising can change if I’m trying to promote something in particular. I also promote my photography via Instagram and sometimes tweet the occasional interesting image.

Creation and curation

This morning I downloaded a web banner and cropped it and uploaded it again to Facebook to publicise events for young people in my local park this afternoon. Contributing to the community is at the heart of what I do. When you’re not creating content you curate images and text created by others.


Blogging and social media management must have a clearly defined purpose. My purpose is to improve the community and in particular community cohesion. More complex objectives include raising pride in the community and looking for new opportunities for people, especially young people. If the only reason for blogging is self-promotion without a useful goal it is not likely to be successful or fulfilling. Attention-seeking alone is not enough, it is a competitive world and the more motivated bloggers and social media managers will be the most successful.


The optimisation is also at the heart of blogging. Search engine optimisation helps users to find my blog using search engines like Google. I also try to optimise posts in other ways. I have keywords for Google embedded into this post. I am aware of how long the post will be when it’s finished. Alt text will be embedded in the image to aid search and I’ll try for an optimal length for the post of between 300 and 500 words.

That’s it for today and I’ve reached about 400 words! If you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest post.

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