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There are millions of creative bloggers around the world now and it’s quite a competitive thing to get into.  You have to not only know how to write, but edit and make your blog search engine friendly. Photography helps too.

Creative Bloggers

I’m using Windows Live Writer to write this post. So far I’ve checked my WordPress Media Library and  found a good photo to start with. This photo is of the Midland Metro here in the heart of England. I edited the image with Windows Live Photo Gallery. I also edit with PhotoScape, they are both free editing programs. I took this photo in the freezing cold when the light wasn’t very good, but the white sky at least gave me an even light. The images came out dark, but I made them lighter in editing. In Windows Live Writer, creative bloggers can simply put the url of the image in to add it to the post. That saves on server space and makes the post upload really quickly.

I have to think about SEO (search engine optimisation) and I use Yoast to help me get that right. I need a keyword or phrase, a phrase or multi-word keyword is better. In this particular case I’m using ‘creative bloggers’ as my keywords. Every time someone searches for creative bloggers, hopefully they will find this post!

I’ve put my keywords at the beginning of my title and included them in my copy, I also used a ‘H2’ tag for my keywords. The alt in my image is creative bloggers too. I need a higher word count, the ideal is over 300 words. Yoast will allow me to write a meta description of my post too and a description for Facebook.

All I have to do now is a ‘call to action’ and ask you to share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also subscribe using the widget at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter. That link to Twitter was automatically inserted by Live Writer, how cool is that? Finally I’ll add some more photos, just for the hell of it, that I’ve taken in the local community this year.

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